Teresa Margolles

March 22 - May 10, 2003

Peter Kilchmann is pleased to announce the first solo show of Teresa Margolles in Switzerland. The artist was born Mexico

and lives today in Mexico City.

Teresa Margolles deals in her work with the dark sides of the Megalopolis Mexico City and with Latine America in general.

She makes her subject matter the worthlessness of human life of the poor classes but also the decadent life style of the

super rich. Through her work she gets in contact with corruption, with the drug scene, with bodies of not to be identified

victims. For us Europeans she breaks a taboo with the merciless way she deals with death which derives from acient Indian

faith and became part of the modern Mexican society.

She works with installations, photographs and videos.

Aire, 2003

With this installation, Ms Margolles demands the visitor an almost unbearable physical contact with the nameless, which end

up, day by day, in the cityʻs morgues. She collected the water used to cleanse dead bodies, desinfected it and lets it into the

gallery space through two vaporizers. You could tell there happens kind of a transsubstantiation but which gives no cause for

concern for your health. But the idea of getting in touch with the last and holy washing of unknown makes you freak out. So to

say it is not the artist who breaks the taboo of death, it is the city self, which otherwise feeds the water back into the cycle of

the city.

Anden (Sidewalk), 1999

This work consists of a series of color photographs, which documents the same titled action. Ms Margolles asked to tear up a

sidwalk for a length of 36 meters in Cali, the “drogue capital” in Columbia. Then she invited dependents of killed people to add

personal belongings of the victims before she had tared again the sidewalk.

Tarjetas para picar cocaina (Cards to cut Cocaine), 1997-99

This work consists of cards which look like credit cards and of color photographs, which documents the same titled action. Ms

Margolles had to produce cards with portraits of killed people within the drogue scene. Then she handled them out to drug

addicts who used them right away to cut cocaine.

The artist will be in Zürich for and before the opening. For press information, images or to arrange artist interviews, please

contact Alessandro Pascarella at 01 440 39 31 or via e-mail at info@kilchmanngalerie.com.

Margolles participated so fare in many exhibitions. Latley she was invited by P.S.1 in New York, by Kunst-Werke in Berlin, by

the South London Gallery in London and by ACE Gallery in Mexico City and New York. March 20 will open her one person

show at the Project Space at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna. In May she will show at Vorarlberger Kunstverein in Bregenz, Austria.