April 10 - May 15, 2010

Galerie Peter Kilchmann is pleased to present the first solo exhibition from the Mexican artist collective

Tercerunquinto (meaning in English something like "a third of a fifth") within the rooms of the gallery. The artists

first met at the Art Academy in Monterrey, Mexico. Julio Castro *1976, Gabriel Cázares *1978 and Rolando

Flores *1975 have been working together since 1998. Today they live in Mexico City.

The collective has performed dozens of activities and interventions in which they question the limits of

private and public spaces and explore the laws that define those limits. In the past, Tercerunquintos´ projects

became manifest in rather ephemeral, architectonical shapes or in infrastructural interventions. In this

exhibition, artistic responses to a selection of previous interventions are presented. Another element is a new

project called Prólogo, Galería Peter Kilchmann, Zurich that was specially created for Zurich. It deals with the

institutional conditions of a gallery. Drawings, as well as photographs, sculptures and video works will be on


Through the use of simple interventions, early works, such as Integración del plano exterior y interior

(Integration of the exterior and interior space) from the year 1998, questioned the borders between private and

public ground. During this project, a brick wall was raised between the interior and the exterior space through a

window of a ground-floor flat.

In Pared (Wall), which also dates back to 1998, a wall separates two rooms that are connected by a door,

into four units.

In 2005, the artists were invited to organize an exhibition at the institute Power Plant in Toronto. This former

power plant provides only few accesses. Tercerunquinto opened the building up by means of a new entrance,

which does not present any restrictions regarding architecture, museography or economy. Thus, in the literal as

well as the metaphorical sense, a free access was created. They called this work Open Access.

The artists were also invited to exhibit at the IKON Gallery in Birmingham, UK, after it had moved into a new

building in 2008. They called their intervention I AM WHAT I AM. The project consisted of cutting this famous

slogan in large letters into an exterior wall of a gallery. The resulting holes provided a view into the inside. The

artists were interested in the ambiguity of the slogan, through which the gallery could be interpreted in various

ways. They left the spectators' guessing as to whether it was meant to be an ostentatious or an obedient


Also in the year 2008, Tercerunquinto were invited to present their first overview exhibition in the art Museum

Carrillo Gil in Mexico City (catalogue). Alongside a presentation of various previous interventions, they

implemented the following project: The project proposed the removal of institutional signs (letters), attached to

the exterior building walls, by one of the unionized employees working at the Museum. These institutional signs

were relocated on one of the gallery walls. Once it was placed inside the museum, the signs were periodically

cleaned and polished - during the period of time of the exhibition – by the same unionized employee.

Tercerunquinto participated within various exhibitions. Alongside the aforementioned events, they were

invited by Creative Time in New York to the “Plot09” exhibition at New Langton Arts in San Francisco, as well

as to the Centre dʼArt Contemporain in Geneva and to the CCA Wattis Bulletin Board Project. Further

invitations included the Havana Biennale in Cuba and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin amongst others.

On the 30th April the Biennale of Rennes will open with a contribution from this artist collective.