Fabian Marti

Ape, Mom, I

March 24 - May 19, 2007

 The Galerie Peter Kilchmann is pleased to present the first solo show of Fabian Marti in the project room. In

his photographs, he perfectly articulates emotions through the choice of his motifs and through the

atmosphere provoked by these. They reflect the artistʼ s fascination not only for savage theories, but also for

underground culture, music and technological debates. He shows us the world seen through his eyes and

portrays his closest circle of friends. Appreciated for his photographic work, he is displaying for the first time

a series of sculptures within the exhibition Ape, Mom, I .

The title of the exhibition originates in the artistʼ s nocturnal reflection about evolution theory, which concludes

with the thought that mothers are in an evolutionary point closer to apes than us ourself. Ironically enough, in

this case this statement is not directed against his own mother, but against the artist himself. The new series

of sculptures emerges from this chain of thoughts. It consists of a group of ape skulls, which are made of

burnt clay. In this context the ape is to be seen as a stylized counterpart of the civilized man and is taking

over the role of a memento mori  and of an alienated opposite creature. The letter “F“ which he writes on the

ape skulls, could be a reference to his name or might well be understood as „F“ for “father“.

The new photographs respond in their own ways to the title of the exhibition. The painting Sword  shows the

profile of a naked woman. She stretches her arms upwards and with both hands holds a sword, which is

directed downwards. Along a vertical line, a single reflection doubles the image of the woman. This mirrored

situation makes you uncertain which image could be the real figure and which is its phantom. The swords are

crossed. As a rhombic light focus arises in the centre, the point of the sword is directed towards the heart of

the woman opposite. The symbolism of the painting reminds us of a coat of arms, which represents a feat

such as that of Joan of Arc and therefore points towards a death sentence, a suicide or maybe an erotic


In this photograph, as well as in others of his works, Fabian Marti uses the same techniques: the artist hardly

ever uses digital media, but works with analogue photography and with a scanner. The application of these

media and particularly the darkening black effect of the opened scanner emphasise the materiality of the

photography with dust spots. In some of the works, Marti uses the scanner directly as a camera by placing

the objects to be portayed directly on the surface of the scanner. For Fabian Marti the selection procedure of

the media is a discipline of its own, which always aims at creating tension between provocation.

Fabian Marti, (*1979, Freiburg/Switzerland) studied photography at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst

( Zurich University of Design and Art) in Zurich (2002-2007). As a cofounder of artist collective PAC,  Fabian

Marti participated within the exhibition PacVille  in migros museum 2000. Since 2005 his works can be seen

in the scope of museum exhibitions such as Six Feet Under  in the Bern Art Museum, Heimlich / Unheimlich

 in the Munich Municipal Museum. In 2007 his art works are being presented in the art book Neue Fotografie

 (“New Photography“), published by Uta Gosenick and Thomas Seelig.