Brigitta Wisselaar

Das Unverfügbare (Project Space)

January 12 - February 23, 2019


Das Unverfügbare

12 January – 23 February, 2019

Gallery Peter Kilchmann is pleased to present the first exhibition of Brigitta Wisselaar's textile art. Wisselaar lives and works in Basel and was born there in 1950. The exhibition offers a series of images that have been created over the past 10 years and will be exhibited together for the first time.

Creative ideas, intuition, happiness, love ... are qualities of life that are 'unavailable'. They happen – they occur and they pass without the ability to plan or hold on to them. However, they can be depicted. Maybe we can even create conditions, under which the work process can be an expression of this paradoxical principle, says Brigitta Wisselaar.

Drawing is always in the foreground for Wisselaar. As of 2009, at the age of 59 and working in textiles, she is finally ready to create textile paintings: she depicts enigmatic words, small events, objects as metaphor, routines, fractures, inconsistencies ...

D.O.C. (www.doc-objects.ch) exhibited Wisselaar for the first time at the new TRESOR contemporary craft fair in Basel in autumn 2017. During the preceding Spring, Wisselaar exhibited at Textile Art Forum Switzerland, in Zug.

Wisselaar has learned and has practiced drawing. In 2009, she finally found her real medium - she draws with the sewing machine. She sews stories. For this, she also uses her love of textiles. Since words mean a lot to her, her work titles are loaded with humorous interpretations that often pose questions to the viewer. Sometimes she points to hidden backgrounds sewn into the picture. Her titles are part of the artwork.

Through her idiosyncratic rhythm caused by the sewing machine, she draws her pictures on her chosen textiles. The compilation of textiles gives her "the tone" and this is her canvas. She begins in the uncertain realm by looking for a statement, she combs through her thoughts - with thread and needle driven by the engine, she rattles over the textile until she finds her story. Sometimes the paintings stick to recognizable figures like in "Mirror on the wall" (Spieglein an der Wand), and sometimes she keeps working in the uncertain realm for days, weeks, months until the artwork’s completion, such as in "Field" (Acker), where she even worked on both sides. She turns the viewer into an insider. In "Junk Room" (Grümpelzimmer) the viewer is referred to the attic or to the basement, where secrets are hidden in complete disorder, and for Wisselaar this becomes artistic magic.

The exhibition takes place in cooperation with D.O.C. (Fabienne Abrecht and Judith Keller), Basel. D.O.C.‘s ambition is to discover and feature selected objects to collectors, galleries, object and art lovers. It is its aim to broaden horizons and to include exceptional works from Basel and its region, as well as from entire Switzerland.