Melanie Smith

Six Steps Towards Abstraction

August 24 - October 12, 2002

Opening: 23 August, 18 to 22 hours , following to the common art openings

in the Löwenbräu building will be the Sommerfest party, open to everyone.

Peter Kilchmann is pleased to open the 2002/03 gallery season with an

exhibition featuring artist Melanie Smith. This will be the second one person

show in our gallery of this UK born (1965) and in Mexico living artist.

Smith will present in the gallery her new work „Six steps towards abstraction“

2001-02. It consists of a double video projection and of six paintings (each

acrilic enamel on board, each 120 x 140 cm). The projection juxtaposes six

short films of ca. 3 minutes each. They show everyday, repetitious chors

(e.g. a window gets sprayed with white lack paint; patients sit in a waiting

room; somebody is cleaning up a crammed full storage; a vendor explains to a

costumer an object; a woman is working out on a running belt in a gym),

which lose themselves out of monotony from their context and start to get

an own dynanism. This leds to almost abstract films (of moving disco-lights;

of the lights of driving cars at night; of soap bubbles) and end in these above

mentioned fabulous paintings.

Smith has been based in Mexico since 1989. A conceptual artist working in

installation, photography, painting, video, assemblages, and sculpture.

Melanie Smith‘s works can be seen the coming months in following

institutions: P.S.1, Long Island City, New York; South London Gallery, London;

Haus der Kulturen, Berlin; Kunst-Werke, Berlin

and La Capella, Barcelona.

The artist will be in Zurich for the opening.

For press images or further questions, please contact Agnes Gugala at

telephone 01 440 39 31 or through: info@kilchmanngalerie.com.

The Galerie Peter Kilchmann will have a stand at artforum Berlin which will

take place from September 26 to 30.