David Renggli

Sunshine on Fruits

November 12 - December 17, 2016

Galerie Peter Kilchmann is pleased to present an exhibition with new sculptures and paintings by David

Renggli entitled Sunshine on Fruits. At the same time there will be a selection of new works by Tinus

Vermeersch in the Project Space.

Sunshine on Fruits is David Renggli’s second solo exhibition in the gallery. By making references not

only to art history, Modernism, classical sculpture and industrial design; but also to folk art and everyday

life, Renggli once again succeeded to create exciting sculptures and paintings. A series of small and

medium format bronze sculptures stands out. They were shaped after piles of straw and have

attachments of a head, arm, or leg. Renggli shapes these sculptures himself and then gives them a wax

bath. After drying, the straw figure is covered with a stable wax layer that is then used as negative and

the sculpture can be cast in bronze. During the casting process, the straw burns, making the sculpture a

unique piece. Also on view are new paintings from the ongoing series Floorplan Desire Paintings in

different formats. Painted in various colors, on wood in the background as well as on a coir mesh, the

paintings make allusions to concrete art and challenge the tradition of abstract art by intermingling with

the aesthetics of decorative interior design. When viewing the work one is confronted with an unusual

and irritating moment which recalls op art, without ever being absurd but with an ironic note. A further

body of work on view is a group of new sculptures entitled Good Vibe Gong. It consists of round steel

plates that hang at a distance from the wall. The steel plates were worked with a hammer in such a way

to remind visually and haptically large gongs that actually produce sound. The gong sculptures hint to

some of Renggli's earlier works that referenced musical instruments or were actually able to create

sound, such as Stairway to Heaven from 2010 or Compositions from 2013.

David Renggli was born in Zurich in 1974, where he lives and works. He has exhibited in the following

institutions: Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Museum im Bellpark Kriens, Kunstraum Baden, Fri-Art Kunsthalle

Freiburg, Kunsthalle Winterthur, Collection Philara Düsseldorf, Kunstmuseum Bern, Museum Rietberg

Zurich, Migros Museum Zurich, Kunsthaus Zurich and in 2015 at "Art Parcours“ at Art Basel.


Galerie Peter Kilchmann is proud to present for the first time in Switzerland a small selection of works by

Tinus Vermeersch in the project space of the gallery.

On view is a series of five works on paper, all tempera on prepared paper. The works are untitled and

show landscapes. These are no real landscapes, but landscapes always without characters,

architecture, or narrative. Flemish landscape paintings of the eighteenth century or of the great German

Romantics of the 19th century come to mind. For his drawings and paintings Vermeersch uses an

ancient technique thus creating a tension that attracts and fascinates. Vermeersch is the third generation

of an artist family.

Tinus Vermeersch was born in 1976 in Belgium and lives and works in the countryside near Ghent. He

studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. His works were on view in the following

institutions: The Drawing Center New York, Stedelijk Museum Lier, Guislain Gent Museum, MUBA

Tourcoing as well as in several gallery exhibitions.