Claudia & Julia Müller

April 26 - May 26, 2012

The gallery’s project spaces are dedicated to new works of Claudia and Julia Müller. The sisters have

been collaborating since 1992 and are renowned for their complex wall drawings, installations, works on

paper, and video pieces. In their artistic work, Claudia and Julia Müller are on the outlook for opposite

and contradictory imageries, which they combine to create fantastic pictorial worlds. Their works often

deal with human relationships and power structures. The light-footedness with which they combine

various visual elements and techniques is a signature quality of these two artists.

Now Claudia and Julia Müller present works from their newest series, in which they focus on the theme

of “nothing” or “no thing”. In their drawings (acrylic and pencil on paper and canvas, 45x60 cm to

150x200 cm), the artist duo goes in search of the moment of creation in the artistic process, in which

something takes form without yet being fully shaped. In consequence, the works appear to in a perpetual

shift between form and abstraction. When speaking about their work process, Claudia and Julia Müller

note that they are on a constant lookout for patterns. The artists find these in the psychology of behavior,

theory models or content structures, but also in optic repetitions and visual schemes.

Concepts and counter-concepts are central to the works of the series Habitus versus Habitat shown in

the rear exhibition room. Opposites dominate in these pictures, and concepts that are in conflict to each

other, such as the Carnivor and Herbivor (Image invitation card, acrylic and pencil on paper, framed

32x23,5 cm). Not only do plant-eating herbivores keep a different diet to meat-eating carnivores, they

may become a food source themselves as the case may be. According to one’s angle of view the

herbivore is subject or object, the eater or the food. The ambiguous figure of the herbivore compactly

illustrates how definition is dependent on hierarchy.