Claudia & Julia Müller

Die Angst, die Finsternis, die Trostlosigkeit und das Unheilvolle (Fear, Darkness, Hopelessness and Doom)

August 27 - October 9, 2004

 The paintings and etchings of the old masters of the early Renaissance, especially those coming from

the northern side of the Alps, do still have until today the effect of a certain darkness and

hopelessness connected with fear and a feeling of doom. Artists like Hieronymus Bosch, Martin

Schongauer and others loved to portray pious clergymen and saints who were tortured and seduced

by diabolic creatures.

The works which will be shown are the result of Claudia & Julia Müller, of their attempt to come to

terms with these motives of visions of fantasy and educational illustrations of the good and the bad.

The artists made twelve elaborated drawings, different in size, with pencil and acrylic on paper, by

copying such elements and taking them out of context. In doing so, they remove the morality of the

figures and put it into new combinations (see invitation card). The walls of the room on which the

drawings will be displayed are covered with geometrical, grand format wall drawings in black and

white, a reference to the polarisation of good versus evil but at the same time putting a question

mark by using a dominant colour. Several sculptures (wood carvings) will be placed on the gallery floor

with the same objective. But they do not permit an allocation of who is friend or foe.

Maja Wismer (August 2004)

Claudia & Julia Müller (*1964/1965) live and work in Basel. They participate in numerous exhibitions

worldwide. Until August 31 their exhibition “Human Territories” runs in the Würtembergischen

Kunstverein, Stuttgart. In December will open a comprehensive exhibition at the Kunstverein Graz.

This show was initiated by the Kunstmuseum Thun, where it also started this past spring. From this

show a catalogue is available.

Earlier works by Claudia & Julia Müller will be displayed in the kilchmann plus space. Additionally, the

kilchmann plus space will show other artists of the gallery. The Andro Wekua video “Sicut Lilium

Inter Spinas (Like a lily in the back)” will be projected in the video room.