Zilla Leutenegger

Off The Wall

January 16 - March 6, 2010

Galerie Peter Kilchmann is pleased to present two solo exhibitions by a female and a male artist who are very different

at first sight but who have a lot in common if we take a closer look.

When comparing the two artists, we have a woman called Zilla Leutenegger, born in 1968 in Switzerland, who lives in

Zurich and Jochen Kuhn, born in 1954 in Germany, currently living in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. He is a professor at

the Baden-Württemberg film academy.

Both artists studied fine arts: Zilla Leutenegger at the Zurich University of the Arts and Jochen Kuhn at the University of

Fine Arts in Hamburg. During their studies both artists already showed a strong interest in film, or rather in video works,

without dismissing drawing and painting. Both work with animation. Jochen Kuhn's technique consists of filming works

of art - mainly paintings - which he constantly paints over or afresh. He cuts them into pieces or glues them on top of

each other. Zilla Leutenegger combines videos with wall and paper drawings. On the technical side, she crops the

relevant scenes of her video within a so-called "green box" in the studio. She then projects the morphed video onto the

wall or paper drawings and thereby complements her mostly installation-based works. Sometimes the artist completes

her installations with objects or sculptures which serve to enlarge the wall drawing within the space.

Both deal with fictitious, everyday issues. Jochen Kuhn's protagonists are mainly men that are similar to himself

whereas Zilla's protagonists tend to be females resembling herself. However both artists would prefer not to see

parallels between the protagonists and themselves, but justify the use of their own personalities as a mere matter of

convenience. They serve as patient, always available and thus ideal models for their works.

Zilla Leutenegger has produced several new works of art for the exhibition which can be interpreted as individual

scenes or chapters of a bigger entity, while also standing alone. The connecting element is a person who is either at

home, (At Night ), in her studio (Studio)  or in the swimming pool (Endless Pool ). The figure is busy carrying out the

tasks of everyday life and does not try to tell a story. As the exhibition's title Off The Wall  suggests, the artist, in addition

to her video projections as well as wall and paper drawings also includes objects and sculptures within her show. Zilla

Leutenegger prefers her works to be read as a sequence of images rather than as a film. Most of the time she does not

use language but ambient noise.

We are also pleased to present Jochen Kuhn's recently finished film Prediger (Preacher) , projected on a large scale.

This presentation is going to be complemented by scenic paintings on canvas and wood that deal with the film (see the

picture on the invitation), in the adjoining room. The filmʼ s subtitle is Elegy about the enunciators of higher truths . If we

took the word ʻ elegyʼ  to mean a ʻ dirgeʼ  and added a dash of wit, then we would come very close to understanding what

this new work of art is about. The film shows us mostly elderly men posing as enunciators  or executives that have to

announce something unpleasant to a blurry crowd. The film, which was first shot with a video camera, is accompanied

by classical music (mainly violin) and does not need any spoken or written words. It raises many questions, but

answers only few of them. The topic fits very well into these times of economic crisis.