Bruno Jakob

My Paintings

January 20 - April 4, 2006

The Peter Kilchmann Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition titled My Paintings by the Swiss artist Bruno Jakob

(born 1954 in Switzerland, has been living and working in New York since 1983). During the opening, the artist will present a

live performance in kilchmann plus.

Bruno Jakob paints invisible pictures with water on paper and canvases. For the production of his pictures, he uses differently

marked containers/cups with water, brushes in different sizes and strengths and his imagination. Jakob himself calls his

pictures Invisible Paintings/Drawings. The artist is strictly spoken a painter without colours, because he uses pure water

without pigments. During the procedure the brush is put into different containers/cups several times, it moves skilfully over

the paper or canvas, draws circles, lines, points, surfaces, stops and dives into another container again. You can see figurative

and abstract forms, which leave traces in the shape of waves and which change the surface of the material. The pictures

partially carry absurd titles (6 Legs Confused, 1991), which open a wide association area to the viewer or they receive a

more descriptive title (Evening Landscape with to Two Men, 1991), which demonstrate a concrete situation to the recipient.

The artist has also developed so-called energy pictures (Energie-Bilder). The physicist Albert Einstein once formulated the

following thoughts: "Each energy corresponds to a mass, and each mass can be attributed to an energy." In the beginning of

the Nineties, the artist produced a set of energy pictures entitled Green Prison nearby Bad Scuol, Switzerland. For this the

artist had painted a canvas with locally well-known welfare water (Emerita -, Bonifacius and Luciuswater). With these

canvases, Bruno Jakob went to wander through the forest nearby. There, the canvas was hold in the direction of a deer for

one hour. According to the artist, the canvas took up the energy. Characteristic for the work of Jakob remains the equation

image = blank space, which can be dissolved only with the help of the viewerʼs imagination.

The painting process is the focus of the artist who at the same time leads this focus ad absurdum. His pictures are the result

of the intensive examination of the process of painting and the thinking about painting with pictorial means (Meta-Malerei).

His artistic development shows the turn to an art of fleetingness and immateriality. It questions the borders of visibility, the

materiality and it examines the colour white in the fine arts.

After the artist had visited the painting class in the Kunstgewerbeschule in Basel (1976-1978) and after his study at the

Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf (1978-1981), he has participated in several solo- and group exhibitions, e.g. A Brief History of

Invisible Art, CCA Wattis Institute, San Francisco (2005); Highlights, Synagogue, Samorin (2004); 8006 Les Bains, Swisstag

Haus, Zurich (2003); Invisible Paintings, Ateliers Höherweg, Düsseldorf (2003); Philosophy Energized (Invisble Paintings) –

Das Kunstwerk und sein Ort, Amden (2002); das weiss dahinter, Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal (2002); Vapor, Marianne Boesky

Gallery, New York (2002); Waving Animals Cathedral Saint John of the Divine, Harlem/New York (2000).