Tobias Kaspar

Porter (yellow), 2018
Inkjet print on cotton paper
Ed. 1/2 (+ 1 AP)
225 x 165 cm (88 5/8 x 65 in.), framed

Since 2015 Tobias Kaspar has been working closely with a textile manufacturer from St. Gallen that is famous for producing fabrics for various haute couture fashion houses.‚Ä®For "The Japan Collection" Kaspar photographed embroideries from the company’s archives. Since the 1960s these were produced almost exclusively for the Japanese market, which was then opening up to western consumer goods. The Made in Switzerland fabrics show opulent figurative scenes that quote various epochs and styles. Kaspar upscales the small embroideries to almost life- size figures so that each stitch, thread and disproportion becomes visible. A broken mirror image of reciprocal projections is created that takes into account the gaps between how we see ourselves and how we wish to be seen.