Tobias Kaspar

“Art Parcours”, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 2015
cur. Florence Dérieux, 2015

THE STREET (NY1995) is an excerpt from Tobias Kaspar’s new work THE STREET – a complex choreographed performance conceived as an artistic strip-mall placed within the film set of Scorsese’s 2002 film, Gangs of New York.

Three coming-of-age kids hang out in a strip-mall transformed with the help of garbage and bronze replicas that make up a mid-90’s Manhattan scene. A period mix-tape from the artist sets the tone. The kids do what kids do: kill time by bugging passers-by, asking for a cigarette, flirting and smoking. One reads to the others from his diary, in which he addresses the influence of mainstream culture, his feelings, how he is supposed to behave, act or respond, and reflects in general upon how they struggle to find a place in society while growing up in a drug and crime-infested neighbourhood.

THE STREET (NY1995) occupies its space with fictional, highly aesthetic ‘mess making’.