Born in Valencia, Venezuela, 1969
Lives and works in New York

One flew over the Void, 2005 – 2017
Color print
Ed. of 5 (+ 1 AP)
68 × 101 cm (26 × 40 in.), framed

The photographic work “One Flew Over the Void” (2017) is related to Téllez’s film of the same name from 2005. The film is based on his “self-organized circus“ of patients from Mexicali’s CESAM mental health center, who, wearing animal masks and carrying handmade signs, walked in protest against general views on mental illness in todays’s society. The procession culminated at the site of a performance in which human cannonball David Smith was shot over the Mexico-U.S.border to critique immigration policies. Combining two disparate political concerns, Téllez’s film takes issue with large notions of exclusion. Bright color footage of patients marching and playing horns, interspersed with shots of Smith’s audience, suggest humor and celebration as healing alternatives to isolation, segregation, and racism. In the last sequence, entitled „Circus Performers“, participants remove their masks for individual facial close-ups, the pleasure they experienced from the event obvious.
The film was produced for inSite_05 in San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico.

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