Without Trace, 2013
Single channel HD video projection (Blu-ray)
Color, sound, 13.00 min.
Ed. of 3

“Without Trace” (2013) is the first time that Willie Doherty has focused on snow, the presence of which receives an almost mystical connotation in the film. A man disappears in a city. The snow has made all traces disappear. Notebooks found in the manʼs apartment reveal his thoughts and the impression of isolation. The film shows a contemporary city, acknowledging its temporality without becoming defined by it. "Without Trace" tells the story of the tensions between massive architectures and unruly nature; scenes in which practically all traces of people have been erased. Left over is this feeling that many stories are happening instantaneously, swirling together and separating incessantly.

An ambivalent play with reality and fiction informs “Without Trace”, in which the slowly panning camera follows the cityʼs streams, rivers and suburban developments. Willie Doherty guides the cameraʼs eye to capture the cityʼs movement and standstill, going beyond the clandestine outskirts and the margins of the city.

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