"Home", 2016
Two-channel video installation, color, sound, 6.30 min, looped
Ed. of 3

The two-channel video installation "Home" by Willie Doherty shows a young man that appears to be alone while passing through. Doherty leaves the peculiar and alienated figure of the young man run around the margins of society. The protagonist has no known connection with the places in which he ends up, and it seems as if he tries to protect himself against a potential contamination.

"Home" does not speculate regarding the actions or intentions of the protagonist, but raises further questions. It offers scarcely tangible opinions about the young man's health and security, or what is more, about the way in which such an individual can be looked after under conditions of danger and threat. With the use of two projection surfaces Doherty shakes any possibility of a linear storytelling, and contributes to the feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty.

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