Ghost Story, 2007
16:9 projection, 15 min., color, sound, loop
HD media player
Ed. of 3

First shown at 52nd Venice Biennale, 2007, Northern Ireland Pavilion.

'Ghost Story' is a single channel video installation projected directly onto a wall of a dark space. The work opens with a shot of a country path flanked by trees. The camera moves slowly down the path toward the distant horizon. This shot is accompanied by a voiceover that refers to a series of people and past events. Occasionally this extended shot is interrupted, and the scene switches to another location as the story unfolds. The narrative evokes memories of the dead and a sense of loss and foreboding, as their haunting presence is made palpable.
'Ghost Story' keeps us suspended between text and image, between now and then, and between the visible and the invisible. At every stage, however, there is the sense that whatver lies out of sight may finally surge into view, that there wil be an eruption of long-repressed energies. There is an always-intensifying mood of unease, as if the 'unconscious' of these scenes will rise to the surface at any second. Indeed, for Doherty's narrator, this alarming process has already begun: he wanders the forgotten margins of the changing city, contemplating how the painful, unresolved past is buried beneath the monuments to a glowing present, but finding in back streets and desolate laneways traces of "invisible matter that could no longer be contained."

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