Closure, 2005
Single video projection, color, sound, 11:20 min.
Ed. of 3 (+ 1 AP + 1 EP)

"Closure" is a single channel video installation projected directly onto the wall of a dark space. It shows a young woman dressed in black walking around the perimeter of long and narrow enclosed space. The walls of the space are lined with corrugated metal and appear to be part of a military or security installation. The camera tracks the woman as she paces the length of the space, holding her in frame and occasionally cutting to a close up of her face. The scene is shot on an evenly overcast day without shadows and infused with a bluish grey cast. The sequence is accompanied by a voiceover that oscillates between references to the destruction of a domestic space and an expression of the woman’s determination and resolve in the face of apparent adversity.

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