Same Old Story, 1997
Video installation, 2 projections onto two freestanding 120 x 156 x 24 inch screens, 10 min., color, sound, loop

"Same Old Story" consists of two distinct but parallel video sequences. Both are projected simultaneously onto two freestanding screens that are positioned diagonally opposite each other in a dark space. The work positions the viewer in the middle of a cyclical and diffuse excursion through the physicall motifs of a scarred urban landscape. The camera traverses bridges, surveys derelict interiors and investigates the fringes of green spaces. Occasionally, fleeting images of a male figure are provided but his identity and intention remain ambiguous.

"Same Old Story" frustates the viewer's expectations of any narrative closure by high-lighting mechanisms of projection and identification. The two sequences become a series of detached but overly familiar scenes of the traces of real and fictinal violence where the viewer is left to imagine the missing script.

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