Drive, 2003
Video installation, 2 projections simoultaneously on 3 x 4 m screens
color, sound, two 30 sec. sequences, loop
Ed. of 3 (+ 1 AP)

'Drive' consists of two short video sequences showing a male figure driving a car at night. Each video lasts thirty seconds but is seamlessly looped to create an extended sequence. Both are projected simultaneously on to two freestanding screens. The screens are positioned diagonally facing each other at opposite ends of a dark space.

Each sequence is compiled from wide, mid and close-up shots of the same male figure. The footage is shot directly through the windscreen and side window of the car. The scene is lit with a green light that is interrupted by flashes of red as the car passes under the motorway lights. The material is edited to make two short, fast sequences of approximately forty cuts. In one sequence the man is casually driving the car while in the other sequence he has his hands on the steering wheel but his eyes are closed. He is asleep. Both sequences are accompanied by a short, repetitive sample of the sound of the car driving on the road. The conscious and unconscious drivers never reach their destinations and are caught in the nightmarish scenario of driving incessantly on the same stretch of road.

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