Converse, Mens 8 / Womens 10 / UK 8 / EUR 41.5 / 26.5 cm, R, 2012
Each piece approx. 5 x 7 x 4 cm

Exhibition view:
“Bodies in the Backdrop”, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, 2012
Photo: Thomas Strub

The bronze casting Converse, Mens 8 / Womens 10 / UK 8 / EUR 41.5 / 26.5 cm, R (2012) was especially made for the exhibition “Bodies in the Backdrop” (2012) at the Galerie Peter Kilchmann and shows the interior of a shoe, cut into several small pieces. The various pieces are provided with a number system that theoretically would allow for a later reassembly. Shown on a pedestal, the bronze seems to have fallen apart and is spread out like rolled dice. The deconstructed shoe made of bronze works as a signifier for the structural meaning as identity creating accessoire. This turns the bronze to a method for a study on the delimitation of the subject. The anachronism between the medium and the represented shoe emerges as strategy of self-presentation, which deletes position and function, a strategy that can be applied also from outside.

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