Black Noire, 2014
Single channel film, color, no sound, 17 min.
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

Exh. view: "Tobias Kaspar: The Air on the Way to the Oyster", Kunst Halle St. Gallen, Switzerland, cur. Giovanni Carmine, 2014

The film "Black Noire" comes from Tobias Kaspar's interest in figures like the dandy, the diva, the trickster, the impostor or the outlaw. The central fascination is the moment of disguise or masking. "Black Noire" was filmed during a three-day shooting session in a noble fashion boutique in Rome. Just as fashion nowadays means individualization, the artist examines in a "sociological study", as he considers the film, his own subjective way of filming of this fully coded world of fashion. The camera work is gradual and the settings do not distinguish between surfaces, reflections, re- and presentation of clothing and architectural scenes. Poetic and unmasking at the same time, Kaspar successfully generates his own visual language for the capitalized and commercialized Western society.

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