Sentimental Style, 2009
Installation with 3 C-prints with stamped matting, 1 C-print, with round matting, and 1 booklet with poster

Exhibition view “Historical Structures - New Existentialism Part 2”, 2011, *KURATOR (Alexandra Blättler), Gebert Stiftung fü Kultur, Rapperswil, Switzerland

Photo: Gunnar Meier

Sentimental Style (2009) includes a set of photographs and a small catalogue that takes the form of a menu. Some of the photos seem at first glance to show abstract grey compositions – upon closer observation, they turn out to be close-ups of airplane blankets from Air France. The other photos show coffee plants in the “Planten un Blomen” botanical garden in Hamburg. A connection between the dfferent parts is made through short texts embossed in red on the mat, recipes for different coffee specialties, such as espresso, cappuccino and ristretto.

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