"Plancha, 2010"

Exhibition view:
"Artes Mundi 5", National Museum Cardiff, Cardiff, UK, Oct. 6, 2012 - Jan. 12, 2013

Photo: Rafael Burillo

"Water drips onto a hot steel plate, evaporating immediately with a noticeable hiss, and leaving limescale deposits on the metal. The transformation of water from liquid to steam mirrors the transformation of the human body after death. The process of decomposition, the body's transiton from present to absence, is narrated – as in all of Teresa Margolles' works – starting from concrete elements. The water that drips slowly onto the metal acquires another dimension when we discover that it is the water used to wash corpses after autopsies, evaporating and spreading around the room like the hiss it releases. This muted sound thus becomes a trace and transcription of human passing."
Frida Carrazato, in: "Frontera", Museion Bozen/Bolzano, 2011.

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