"Cubo (Cube), 2010"

Exhibition view:
“Frontera”, Kunsthalle Fridericianum , Kassel, 2010

Photo: Nils Klinger

In Teresa Margolles's exhibition in Kassel, the victims are the focus, as is usual in her work. They include not only the dead but also those who have been driven from the former entertainment district of Ciudad Juárez, where the historical buildings had to give away to the development of shopping malls and high-rises. In Cubo (2010) this is made manifest, even though it only becomes clear on closer inspection what it actually is: "one ton of rebar from Calle Mariscal, Ciuad Juárez" is written in Spanish on the lower edge of a Juddian cube. Very highly compressed (one ton in 50 x 50 x 50 cm), the vestigial melted-down rebar represents the traces of those driven out, the traces of the victims of economic development. With her radical consolidation of material, Margolles manages to penetrate to the core of human problems and presents a kind of poetry of memory. Gutted on the surface and left completely undecorated, the sculptures keep deep within themselves, highly concentrated and reduced to the essential.

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