La búsqueda (The Search), 2014
Sound installation
Intervention with sound frequency on 8 glass panels transported from the historical centre of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
The audio was recorded from the train that divides the city, and transformed into low frequencies.

This installation focuses on the missing women and the femicide in Ciudad Juárez. Here, Margolles directs her attention to the traces that the brutal crimes leave behind on architectures and researches on the different sensations produced by sound.  
Ciudad Juárez, a city with over a million inhabitants on the border with the USA (El Paso, Texas), is one of Mexico's most rapidly growing cities and has a leading position in the country's crime statistics. However, it appears that this has been changing recently: already in 2012, the number of crime victims dropped significantly, and drug-related crimes in particular saw a decline. But there is no decrease in the female homicides, that have kept occurring since the 1990s.
The glass panels are record of the constant and painful search that families have to go through while looking for their daughters, partners or sisters. The different posters, damaged by the lapse of time, asking for help produce a shivering sensation when we realize the glass doesn't stand static in a frame, is actually vibrating.
A sound, recorded from the noise produced by the train that crosses Ciudad Juárez over 12 km and paralyzes it while carrying merchandise, has been transformed into a frequency that causes motion and tremor on the glass. The constant tension on which the glass is put through mirrors the reality of the female homicides and make out of the space an epicenter of pain and tragedy.

Installation view:
"La búsqueda - Teresa Margolles", Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, Switzerland, cur. Raphael Gygax, May. 24 - Aug. 17, 2014
Photo: FBM Studio

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