"La Sombrilla (The Umbrella)", 2017
Series of four color prints on Photo Rag Paper,
Ed. of 6 + 1 AP
99 x 99 cm (39 x 39 in.), framed

For La Sombrilla, Teresa Margolles dragged a large amount of fabris through the river Táchira, that marks the border between Colombia and Venezuela. By draining the fabrics with the water of river, the artist symbolically collected the fluids, remnants and organic left overs of the immigrants constantly crossing.

The action was performed by displaced persons and refugees from Venezuela. Each image belongs to the location, where the action of La Sombrilla has taken place in the city of Tachira, Venezuela:
1. Parque deportivo (sporting park)
2. Parque lineal (linear park)
3. Close by the CAI center
4. Aera of prostitution

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