"Cine México", Puebla, México, 2006
Color print
Intervention on the porch of an abandoned cinema with a narcomessage, in the city of Puebla. The phrase used was left on the doorsteps of the police station of the state of Guerrero by a group or criminals.
Ed. of 6 + 2 AP
33.7 x 43.7 cm (13 1/4 x 17 1/4 in.), framed

Teresa Margolles has been researching and collecting messages of drug lords left by their hitmen over the bodies of murdered victims from the press. These messages are intended to intimidate rivals and the population alike. For this work the artist had the phrase "Para que aprendan a respetar" (Eng. so that they/you learn to respect) placed in the canopy of an abandoned cinema in the city of Puebla. Displayed in the facade of a place of entertainment, the uncanny message is turned into a random announcement, out of the context of the violence from which it originated. Yet, as the outcome of death, the work addresses issues of violence, desolation and abandonment.

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