Trepanaciones (Sonidos de la morgue) [Trepanations (Sounds of the morgue)], 2003
Sound piece, 24 min., looped
Installation with 1 CD player and headphones or loud speakers
Ed. of 4 + 1 AP + 1 EP

"The audio work 'Trepanaciones' is accesible by way of headphones. The remote sound of a saw takes on a suddenly ghastly quality when we are enlightened as to the sound's source. It is the opening of a skull that we witness through the two little loudspeakers pressing against our ears, i.e. virtually in our heads. As no pictorial material has been provided, the listener is subjected to nothing but the products of his own imagination, which unfold before his mind's eye in all their luridness, with no previous conceptions to check them. The horror that pervades our consciousness through the headphones is all the more relentless because we cannot close our ears as we can our eyes."
Udo Kittelman and Klaus Görner in "Muerte sin fin", Frankfurt, 2004, p. 44

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