"Proyecto para MUCA Roma, 2004"

Exhibition view:
“Otros Fueros (Other Consciences)”, Espai dʼart contemporani de Castelló, Castelló, Spain, 2011

Photo: Jorge Wamba

For this project, Tercerunquinto invited traveling salesmen that occupy the neighborhood of the museum to use the institutional space of MUCA Roma as warehouses for the duration of the exhibition. The main intention was to emphasize the functional character of the museum during two months, and use the space without adding aestheticizing elements. The walls carried the marks from the dismantling of the previous exhibition, while a ramp for handcarts was set up at the entrance, as well as wire-net doors in each room. From the start this project was planned as a process, beginning months before the opening with negotiations between the university authorities and the retailers of the individual zones. The process-oriented nature of this intervention was also implied by the gradual and transformative occupation of the rooms, as the spaces changed with the content of the warehouses and the needs of each retailer.

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