"Vecindad, 2007"

Exhibition view:
“Otros Fueros (Other Consciences)”, Espai dʼart contemporani de Castelló, Castelló, Spain, 2011

Photo: Jorge Wamba

With this project, Tercerunquinto proposed a negotiation between two individuals whose properties were contiguous. The idea behind the negotiation was to lead to an agreement that consisted of ceding identical sections of their respective backyards so as to reconfigure the layout and the legal limits of their plots.
By manipulating the perimeter of the property and relying on a negotiation between the nieghbours involved in this agreement, the intention was to reflect upon a flexibility with regards the notion of territory and the limit of private property. Likewise, a reflection on the nature and characteristics of vecinity and coexistence determined by architectural design was explored, and also on the borders established between individuals, their spaces and their sense of protection, as well as the possibility of generating an agreement outside legal conventions and any other institution, through a direct negotiation between the individuals involved."
Exhibition catalogue "Other Consciences", EACC, 2011, p. 41

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