Open Access, 2005
Installation with 27 color photographs, 16 drawings, 2 videos
Variation of 3

Invited for the exhibition "Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening" in 2005 at the art institution The Power Plant in Toronto, Tercerunquinto negotiated the creation of a new doorway through which visitors, if they chose, could bypass the Gallery's admission desk.
"On the new alternative entrance, built with a glass door that exactly mimicked ones inside the Gallery, a small signed was applied which read "Free Entrance". No other notice was made other than a small title card, and no advertisement ever announced a "Free" access to the Gallery. It was left for visitors to discover through happenstance or word of mouth. As the verisimilitude of its construction was so high, even those extremely familiar with the Gallery often did not notice the existence of Tercerunquinto's new door."
Reid Shier at Open Access, in "Institutional Empowerment", 2009, p.21

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