Exhibition view:
"Melanie Smith - Short Circuit", Villa Merkel, Esslingen, 2012,
cur. Andreas Baur, Photo: die arge lola, Stuttgart

Bulto (Package), 2011
in collaboration with Rafael Ortega
Single channel video, color, sound, 40 min.
Ed. of 4 (+ 2AP)

Filmed in Lima, Peru as a project by the Museo de Arte de Lima-MALI, "Package" is an affective mass that fixates on different symbolic orders to disturb, interrupt and above all hinder the flow and symbolic network of a variety of historical, political, social and economic registers. It represents the repressive phenomenon that molds aspects of post-colonial identity, but also a critique of national pride in an idealized ancestral past made up of a-historical identities that overcome the valorization of contemporary reality.

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