Tianguis II, 2003
Two synchronised projections, color, sound, 5:15
Ed. of 5 (+2 AP)

Tianguis referes to as weekly markets. One feature of the tianguis is that many or most, if not all, items are exhibited in "unofficial" spots, therefore they uses color fabrics to protect their items from the sun.
Mexico City’s grey-market economy is the most obvious example of the social processes that Melanie Smith has dealt with in her work. Nowadays, this outlawed activity has become a phenomenon that appears to elude any form of control. Smith was attracted by street vendors as evidence of the non-viability of the Mexican economy and an explicit form of rebellion against the state. She was also seduced by the intensity of the provisional transformation of the urban setting when these vendors gradually invade streets, blocking the traffic and attracting crowds eager for cheap (and possibly stolen) goods. The video “Tiangius II”, made in collaboration with Rafael Ortega, is a constant play on perspective and duplicity. Here we see a double image of a tour of a street market’s empty stalls.

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