Grey (negative) rectangle on white background, 2008
Spray paint on acrylic on plywood, carpets, movable plywood walls on wheels, video projection (single channel video color, 5 min. 34 sec.), monitor (single channel video color/sound, 11 min 08 sec), loudspeakers, dvd players, fan, leftovers from
Appr. 350 x 670 x 580 cm

The sound that is audible in the exhibition room eventually leads the visitor towards the video installation “grey (negative) rectangle on white background, 2008” behind the wall construction. This room is dominated by movable walls which remind one of a studio situation. A video installation and a monitor screen on the floor show images of the artist while painting. Thus, the observer becomes a witness of the creation process of a painting, which is however not part of the exhibition. This ostensible documentary is broken up by excerpts, leaps in time and the permanent usage of the zoom. The context of time and space that is here generated physically and filmically, refers to the “negative painting" on the exterior wall and once again alludes to the illusionary painting machinery.

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