Avanti Popolo, 2002/05
Sound installation, hi-fi system, sensors
size variable

Installation view: Maja Bajevic “Import Export”, Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland, 2009

"Avanti Popolo" is a sound installation consisting of differently sized, used hifi player and boxes. When the public walks through the installation, patriotic songs from different nations can be heard by the visitor: "Avanti popolo, alla riscossa, bandiera rossa, bandiera rossa...", "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles in der Welt...". The visitor’s ability of perception is difficult as the sounds and songs are overlapping each other. For this installation, the artist has recorded people singing ideologically influenced songs from various countries. The installation becomes incomprehensible by the swelling mixture of the voices. They loose their context and hence, their meaning. In the centre of this work there is first, the making visible of the inherent aggression of national differentiation and second, the critical question of using folkloristic songs in order to create a patriotic identity.

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