Import Export (Mme Ramelle School), 2009
Installation, series of 5 oil on canvas
84cm x 84cm, 88cm x 90cm, 150cm x 76cm, 176cm x 116cm, 195cm x 102cm

Exhibition view: Maja Bajevic, Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland, 2009

In the installation „Export/Import“ which was specially conceived for her solo show in Glarus, Switzerland, Bajevic amalgates local textile history with present processes of manufacture. In historic photographs native Africans pose in cotton cloth that used to be shipped from Switzerland. Because nowadays cheap labour countries produce fabric for western consumers, Bajevic has the old drapery from the archives of the Glarus based company copied in oil on canvas by a Chinese workshop. Applied art is transformed to commercial goods and back to art. Historic and modern colonialism in it’s essance.

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