To be continued, 2011

Exhibition view:
Maja Bajevic “To Be Continued”, daadgalerie, Berlin, Germany, 2012

Performance in two parts. Held at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (Cristal Palace), Madrid, in 2011 and the DAAD-Gallery Berlin (2012).

Performance - First cycle
Scaffolding has been placed in front oft the large windows of the exhibition space (Cristal Palace Reina Sofia/DAAD-Gallery) in order to allow access to the upper window levels. A group of five performers dusts these windows - putting dust on them rather then removing it. On the dusty windows they write the slogans, which are washed away before the process starts over again, a task as futile as Sisyphus's. The performance cycle lasts for five days, three hours per day. At the end of the session the scaffolding and the scrawled slogans on the half-cleaned windows stay on as artifacts of the performance. The tools used by the workers also remain on display.

Performance - Second cycle
A professional opera singer is singing the melodies composed for the sound installation in the gallery space. Opera, originally composed for the people, has in the meantime become part of the establishment. Now an opera singer is singing slogans, thus, the voice of the people or addressing the people, in a new context.

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