To Be Continued / Steam Machines, 2011
Installation, 1 steam machine, 1 slide projector, 80 slides
Variation of 3 (+ 1 AP)
113 x 126.5 x 179 cm (44 1/2 x 49 3/4 x 70 1/2 inch)

Exhibition view:
Maja Bajevic "Layers", Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, 2011
Photo: Thomas Strub

The installation "To Be Contined" is made up of a machine with the visual appearance of an old-fashioned steam engine. The machine continually emits steam on which political and ecomonic slogans are projected. The slogans become visible only for a short time on the visionary 'steam curtain' before dissolving again. Maja Bajevic did extensive research for this work, looking for principles that shaped the last century and remain unquestioned even today. The work points to the last utopias of the last century and the uncertainty their failures have made room for.

The slogans are from the last past 100 years, 1911 to 2011. Here are some examples: Big Brother is Watching you! -  Our Day Will Come - Freedom Justice and Law - Business as Usual - Join the Army and See the World - Workers of the World Unite! - Art is Dead - Monarchy, Fatherland and Religion - To Each what He Deserves - Better Dead than Red - V for Victory - Victory Will Be Ours - Death for Death - Victory is Your Duty - Death to the Murderer - We Have Clean Hands - We Are Not Afraid - People and Party are One - We Will Die but We Will Be Free - We'll Take More Care of You - One People, One Empire, One Leader - Connecting People - Joy is Coming - Say it Loud. We are Gay and We are Proud - I Am a Berliner - it's the Real Thing - We Are the Image of the Future - We Got Him - A Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party - Less is More - Justice is Done - Getting People Together

To the installation, Maja Bajevic conceived an archive, which contains 148 texts, explaining the slogans. The texts were written especially  for the installation "To Be continued". The authors are  Bojana Pejic, Henriette Sölter,  Mara Traumane and Maja Bajevic.

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