Exhibition view:
Maja Bajevic "Layers", Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, 2011
Photo: Thomas Strub

The series Layers (2011) attest to the interest with which Maja Bajevic has followed the protests and tumults in Europe and the USA during 2011. The photographic images, pinned on canvas and embroidered, are exhibited hanging on a clothing line. The pictures were taken by journalists, who were present at the demonstrations. Maja Bajevic purchased the photos and left the titles as they had been, such as “M06D0501 – Mai2069”. The added embroideries of birds and flowers stand in contrast to the images and refer to values of tradition, continuance and a middle class resemblance of “normality”; a balance which has been destabilized through the protests. The artwork confirms that no system is unfailing, no ideal timeless and no truth untouchable.

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