Dressed Up, 1999
Single channel, projection, color, sound, 16:10 min.
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

Exhibition view:
Maja Bajevic “Home Again”, National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2006
Photo: D. Veki­­ć

Words of Maja Bajevic;
I have printed on fabric the map of former Yugoslavia. I was sewing, in the city gallery, during a period of 6 -7 hours, a dress for myself out of that fabric. I finished the dress during the opening of the exhibition and changed into the newly made dress.
Tragedies like war and the disintegration of a country are usually seen as political, general things. Actually they are personal, very intimate events of our lives that we warry, pasted on, like a dress.

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