Wende, 2011
Five channel video installation, color, sound, total 20:46 min
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

"Wende” is used in German to describe the events of the fall of the Berlin wall. In “Wende” groups of people are depicted walking on the streets and, at a given moment, all of a sudden and all at once, they make a turnaround, a twist. This relates to Bajevic’s idea that the people seems to be in continuous change: “The mass that is saying or has been spoken to in one way today might be saying / being spoken to totally differently, even in opposition to what has been said, tomorrow.” Hence her question: is change in fact “the only stable factor in history”?

St. Petersburg, October 1917
Spain, 1939
Europe, 1940
Paris, May 1968
Iran, 1979
Berlin, November 1989
Middle East, 2011

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