How do you want to be governed?, 2009
After Rasa Todosijevic, 1976
Single channel video, on monitor, 10:40 min., color, sound
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

“How do you want to be governed?, 2009 (After Rasa Todosijevic Was ist Kunst?, 1976)” is a video on power relations and their absurdity in taking upon the very source of power settlements – governing, taking the work outside of the realm of the art system only and adding to it a socio-political dimension. The twist lies in the fact that it is the artist who is being torturously questioned and not the one asking the question, making the reversal of the power structures impossible and underlining the disempowerment of the arts. It is not the artist anymore who decides what art is or is not, but it is the artist who is being asked an impossible question, how she wants to be governed i.e. positioned in society. Adding to the estrangement of the setting is a voice over that repeats the same question as the interrogator but in a disinterested speaker-like voice, as if the bureaucratical character of the question is being accepted in the question itself and presumes that there will not be any answer. The question thus becomes a pure execution of power for power sake. The fake democratic tone of the question reveals its own absurdity, repressiveness and hierarchical character.

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