Le Voyage, 2006
Single channel video projection, 7.54 min, color, sound, loop
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

"Le Voyage" deals with the theme of local immigration with global implications; the scars left by a journey with no return. It is a journey into the unknown, in which the only elements of survival are the dream of achieving a better life. "Le Voyage" is a video made with images of a person walking in a Medina, intermitted with film cuts from the classical black and white film "Casa Blanca“ (1942) with subtitles in Arabian: On the one hand we see Bogart, cool and completely unselfish, releases his lady-love into freedom; on the other hand we see the garment of a boat person, sinking into the incognizable green of the ocean. In the end, all dreams are lost amid the waves of the Straits of Gibraltar.

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