Women at Work - Under Construction, 1999
Single channel projection, 11:48 min, sound
size variable, minimum projection width 1.50 m
Ed. of 5 (+ 2 AP)

Maja Bajevic about "Women at Work - Under Construction":
During a five-day long artistic action, I have, together with five women refugees, embroidered patterns on the scaffolding of the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina that was under reconstruction at the time.
We embroidered the very netting of the scaffold, in that way folklore (our embroidery) is joined with the artistic treasure of the National Gallery of B&H, just like the ancient and recent history of our country. At the same time a relation between the “male” works on the scaffold and the “female” handcraft is established.
Handcraft is a revival of home and a marking of space in a typically female manner, something that refugees do when they arrive in a foreign place.

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