Nis Lego 2, 2012
Triptych, water color on paper
211.5 x 359.5 cm (83 1/4 x 141 1/2 inch), framed

The triptych "Nis Lego 2" is based in the sculpture called "Three Fists" located in the Bubanj Memorial Park in the city of Niš in Serbia. The Park is a World War II memorial complex built in 1963.

In this large-scale watercolor, the artistic duo Los Carpinteros picks up on the ambivalence of these monuments for the socialist realism. The forms are taken up by a mass of countless yellow green geometric elements. The components exert a particularly jarring effect, which suggests further examination in an architectural context. The drawing might equally be interpreted as a visionary depiction of an organic building. The constructs are fashioned from elements that, in the spirit of Marcel Proust’s mémoire involontaire, evoke childhood memories. We all remember those geometric plastic building bricks with which practically anything could be replicated in miniature. Lego bricks promote development of the imagination and spatial perception, but are relegated to the attic, as we grow older – only to be gladly found and brought out again for our children. However, in this drawing the knobby upper surface oft he push-fit system is not deployed in a stabilizing manner, but turned on its side, facing outwards. Instead of forming a supporting structure, the Lego blocks are piled on to of each loosely and haphazardly, giving the arrangement a fragile and unstable appearance. (Ute Stuffer, Los Carpinteros, Silence Your Eyes, 2012)

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