The Longest Distance Between Two Points, 2011
Poles and belts
Ed. of 3
Min. space 10 x 20 meters
Installation view: 'Jorge Macchi. Container', Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne, 2013

With “The Longest Distance Between Two Points” Jorge Macchi created a room installation with recognizable and yet surreal elements. The poles and the blue belts create a long waiting line recognizable from airports before the immigration or check-in desk. The installation is a whimsical hint to formal waiting, which is turned into a poetic act by Jorge Macchi. At the same time the viewer sees a blue line marking the horizon and perceives the distance between the entrance and exit of the installation as a near to infinity-distance. Walking through the installation suddenly becomes a journey between two places. which requires courage from the traveler to immerse himself into the blue infinity.

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