Refraction, 2012
Installation consisting of 25 steel bars and wall painting
Ed. of 3
Site specific dimensions

Exhibition view:
Art Base Unlimited, Basel, Switzerland
June 13-16, 2013

Jorge Macchi's “Refraction” (2012) is one of the most poetic installations yet by the artist. It consists of various iron beams of various shapes of 4 to 6 meters length, which lean against the walls of the exhibition space. Two different tones of color are painted on the wall. The darker tone, painted on the lower half of the walls, ends exactly at the height of the deflection. The bent iron beams resemble light beams that are refracted by the change of medium between air and water. The bars that are usually used as construction material create an atmosphere where the viewer almost perceives two different physical mediums in the same room. As a consequence the spectators' perception changes as if he were moving on the verge between water and air.

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