Exhibition view:
“BACA 2010 Biennial Award Contemporary Art”, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, Netherlands, 2010

Silencio, 2003-2010
575 rubber mats
all unique
47.8 x 61 x 0.6 cm

In the beginning there is a situation where many people cross paths. If one person were to ask someone else for silence, and someone else for silence, and someones else to someone else, and so forth, until the whole scene becomes still, then, maybe, one could produce one minute of silence.
With the help of a group of forty-five volunteers we attempted to silence several densely populated situations, with the intention of materializing \ sculpting one minue of silence. No specific meaning would be attributed or dedicated to the minute, its space staying open to multiple readings, as many as the individuals willing to participate. Over the course of 4 days we intervened in the National Lottery hall; a grand café in the old town, a populous street squatted by two soccer teams; at rush hour in the middel of a main pedestrian commercial strip; and in a live radio programme. On the second day of the project, bombs started falling on Baghdad, and the minute’s orginal vaccum became naturally charged with the urgency of the moment. What had started as a conceptual plot turned into a minimal act of solidarity. People on the street began collaboration silently, asking others to turn off their radios or TV, to switch off their air conditiones, to stop their engines ... eventually materializing, silently, for one lone minute, a sensation common to us all.

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