Rehearsal I
(in collaboration with Rafael Ortega), 1999-2004
Installation with 4 digital single screen projections
a) Caracoles, 1998-2004, 4.20 min.; b) Ensayo I, Tijuana, México, 2000, 2004, 29.20 min.; c) Perro-Pelota, 2000, 1.50 min.; d) Maqueta para el Ensayo I, 1999, 15.20 min.
Ed. of 4 (+ 2 AP)

Exhibition view:
“Francis Alÿs: Politics of Rehearsal”, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, 2007

Soundtrack: the rehearsal of a Dazon by a brass band in Juchitan, Mexico.
A Volkswagen Beetle repeatedly tries to ascend a hill without ever succeeding.
The driver listens to a tape of the recording of the rehearsal session.
While the musicians play, the car goes uphill.
When the musicians lose track and stop, the car stops.
While the musicians are tuning their instruments and are discussing, the car goes downhill.

Photo: Joshua White

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