Camgun #66, 2008
Wood, metal, plastic, film reels, film
including one drawing, pencil on tracing paper
43.5 x 64 x 35 cm (sculpture)
61 x 91 cm (tracing paper)

The 'Camgun', a sculpture touching the border between a camera and a machine gun, is also a reflection of Francis Alÿs position as a chronicher of the violence of life in the Mexican capital.
Around the same time that Alÿs was exploring the idea of the camera as a weapon in 'Gringo' he was expanding the theme in 'Camguns', a series of assemblages of wooden rifles and found film rolls and reels. Evoking the simulated weapons used by the Zapatista Army when they appeared on the Mexican scene in 1994, this work explicitly connects the 'shooting' of images to that of bullets.

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